About Us

When I visited  Nigeria in 2009, I was greatly disturbed by the level of hardship and poverty people were enduring. It brought back a lot of memories for me having grown up in that same environment. The economic hardship has basically made a bad situation worse. On that trip I made a commitment to myself and God that I must do something to make a difference. It was time to rise up and remember the voiceless. These are people left in the rural villages of Africa with no clean water to drink and no resources for education. They have no money to get even the basic needs of life like food, shoes, shelter, etc. Parents work in their farms from morning till dawn with nothing to show for it. They manage to provide barely one meal for their family, which sometimes doesn’t contain the proper nutrients the body needs to grow. Most of these families are so large that the food is never enough. Many children go to bed hungry each night. For the fact that most of these adults have no access to any form of medical care, advice or education, most of them end up having more children than they can take care of. These children are neglected, hungry and scarred for life. When you see them, fear and absolutely no hope in life, lies deep in their eyes.

The secret of getting help for these families is by not waiting for the government to step in and help, but to provide resources, aid and equipment directly to the people who are already making a difference on the ground.

Poverty is a disease that has eaten the fabric of our society. It must be eradicated. Let us join hands to fight this epidemic. Together we can make a difference by giving these children hope. Please join us as we embark on this journey, together we can change the world.

JIC Foundation is established as a 501 (c) (3) charity, and we collect funds and gifts in kind year round.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide basic needs of life to poor families in our communities here in Georgia and in rural areas of Africa. Also, we focus on the empowerment of the youths, to help them realize their maximum potentials through education, health, microfinance, and apprenticeship.


Through education and self help these families will learn to break the cycle of poverty.

The Difference

The JIC foundation is embedded in the communities. We work directly with community heads and organizations that are already in existence in these communities. To ensure the most effective and long lasting change, we encourage citizens towards self reliance and empowerment that will sustain the communities.

We are proud to have embarked on our home care visits for sick elderly widows and orphans. Our home office has employed the services of some indigenous girls who visit the sick, widows and orphans. They help them with their basic needs and report back to our home office. It is a great bonding. The JIC foundation subscribes to a philosophy of deep bonding.