Programs: Education


During the last few decades education has taken the back seat in most African societies. For one reason or the other people are not motivated to get to school. Some of the reasons why the standards for education have dropped include a lack of instructional materials, non-maintenance of classrooms and school buildings, non payment of teacher salaries and poverty that has stricken most families. Establishing and securing educational opportunities for children is very critical in maintaining a balanced and well-informed community. Sending children to school in many villages in Africa can literally mean saving their lives. Without proper education children could become sexually active early and could possibly expose them to HIV or other sorts of dangers. Education is a positive force with a wide-ranging impact on the society and human development. The J/C foundation is committed in providing education to the children of Africa. Due to the high levels of poverty, most families cannot afford to send their children to school. Since we started this program, we have enrolled about sixty kids into different levels of education. We take care of all their needs, so they can attend school without distractions. Uniforms, school fees, supplies and all accessories are provided to them.