Programs: Elderly and Loving Care Program

Elderly and Loving Care Program 

Growing old is supposed to be a blessing not a curse. In some African communities we are seeing different pictures of the way seniors are handled. There are no elder care facilities like assisted living, nursing homes, continuing care retirements etc. These elders are left to care or fend for themselves. And we know that, at this point in life most of them develop numerous health problems that slow them down. The seniors that are mostly neglected are the ones that have no children. JIC Foundation is trying to make a difference, by showing these neglected seniors that they are loved, and someone really cares for them. Under this program we have employed some young girls and boys who do home visits. Their duties include finding these neglected seniors, visiting and sitting with them. They assist them with their household chores and keeping them company. They also find out about their needs and report back to our home office. This program is all about tender, loving care. Click here to see pictures.