Programs: Feeding the Hungry

Feeding the Hungry
(Operation feed the poor)

Hunger is a familiar state for a lot of children and families in America and all over the world. For millions of children and their families around the world, hunger is a problem that results from living on two small meals a day or less for weeks and sometimes months. Sometimes these meals do not contain the adequate nutrients needed for growth. That is why most children in rural areas suffer from malnutrition. Some these families cannot afford meat in their diets, so they go without. In most cases children eat meat once a year that is during Christmas celebrations. The families will kill one chicken for the whole family to share and that is a big deal for them. These poor children look forward to Christmas, so that they can get one leg or wing of a chicken.

Feeding the hungry is a work that gives immediate results. There is a shortage of food in most villages of Africa and here in America. Since the inception of this foundation we have embarked on monthly distribution of food items to impoverished families and seniors all over our communities. Through the help of our volunteers in Africa, we can purchase raw food items and distribute them to these families. We need your help to continue this program because it saves lives and it is the right thing to do. The success of this program is crucial to our success. Sending children to school on an empty stomach will not yield good results. This is why this program is very important to our mission.